What I’ve Learned

What I’ve learned from teaching people how to travel…

Well first off, most people are completely irrational and totally skeptical. The world is full of “hacks,” or tricks, that allow you to live a better life with little or no cost involved. Some of these hacks are extremely simple, and some require some planning and some creativity to make work.  The bottom line is that we can all live more enriched, fulfilled lives if we were more open minded to what is possible.  When I tell people that I traveled for 3 weeks across Asia and Europe for an out of pocket cost of $160+ (not including food), most people think I am lying.  When I tell people that I have 200,000+ Chase points (good enough for two round trips, first class, to anywhere in Europe), without ever spending any real money on a credit card, they tell me, “You better watch out that the IRS doesn’t hear that.”  I am amazed at how closed minded and linear people can be.

People tend to assume that first class travel is out of their reach and that they will never achieve such a lofty goal.  What a shame…people always assume there “has to be a catch.”  Why are people so caught up in positive outcomes needing to be brought back to reality with strings attached?

delta, travel, business class, 747, tokyo, narita, airplane, airline

Mini Business Class cabin on the upper deck of Delta’s 747-400. Yes, there are worse ways to fly…

I understand that most good things in life come at a cost, but when you find something that is awesome, and it comes at almost no cost, jump on it!  In the past two months I have taught 10+ people how to build massive mileage and hotel point balances under their name, and two have taken 2 week+ trips, first/business class all the way, using these strategies.

To quote Morpheus from The Matrix:  Free your mind!!  Stop being lame…

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned

  1. Hey Mike!

    Hope all is well.

    Can you share with me the trick to building massive mileage and hotel point balances? I would really appreciate it.


    Christian John Gomez

    • Hi Christian, I hope you’re well. Have you had a chance to read the early posts in the Reference section? You should check those out. In short though, it’s about choosing 1 airline to be loyal to; selecting credit cards that offer large sign up bonuses; using the Bluebird/Vanilla Reload method to rack up points/miles for almost free, etc. I also just love to travel in general, so where some people may like to shop or buy jewelry, I like to travel and experience the world. Let me know if you have any questions after reading those early posts.

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